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Alumnus Answers The Call to Give

“It’s hard to articulate why giving is important, because I come from Otterbein. When you come from Otterbein, the call to give becomes baked into your DNA. Giving is what we do, with a purpose that defines the phrase, “We are called to plant trees, the shade from which we should never hope to enjoy.” But enjoy we do, because somewhere out there, there is a tree we planted. And it grew another, and it grew another, and in the end we understand kindness really does matter. And so we give.”

Jeff Wilson ’85,

Senior Regional Vice President and General Manager

Urban One



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Otterbein student works with 4th graders on kindness

Otterbein student Allison Cline works with 4th graders in Westerville on a Kindness Matters lesson as part of her PHED 2200 Early Childhood Health & Movement Activities class.

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Kindness in the New Year

At Otterbein, we believe the kindness you show, the compassion you offer, the service you give — makes a difference. Kindness Matters at Otterbein.

Enjoy this brief message of kindness and know that Otterbein is grateful for the ways you share kindness. If you feel inspired, we invite you to tell us your story of kindness.

May the kindness you give be returned to you during the holidays and the New Year!

President Kathy A. Krendl


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Why Kindness Matters

Why Kindness Matters. What inspires one of the most powerful business minds in the country to help motivate his city to be kinder?

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Otterbein continues to help student food insecurities

Food insecurity among college students is a hard concept for some to fathom, but the problem exists, and is more widespread than we might like to believe.

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Otterbein Hosts Pop Up Kindness Think Tank

College and high school students, Otterbein employees and community members from central Ohio gathered at The Point at Otterbein on Sat., Oct. 28, to participate in a Kindness Think Tank.

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Letter: Could kind acts become contagious?

How wonderful to see a headline advocating acts of kindness on the front page of the Dispatch (“Otterbein joins effort to incite acts of kindness,” Sept. 22, Dispatch article).

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Students at Independent Colleges In Ohio Offering Support To Students In Texas with $5,000 Goal

Kindness matters in a time like this, and students throughout Ohio are stepping up to do their part. Otterbein University and the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio (AICUO) are leading an effort to rally students at Ohio’s 52 independent colleges to raise $5,000 for their fellow students in Texas.

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Otterbein University Salutes the Troops at its 100th Homecoming this Saturday

Otterbein University is celebrating its 100th Homecoming this Saturday, Sept. 16, and is using the event to show some support for America’s troops.

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Westerville focuses on neighborliness

With people across the country becoming more and more caught up in their electronics, it can be easy to forget to do the little things.

A lot of people have little to no contact with the people living next door. But the city of Westerville is working to change this trend by naming October Neighbor2Neighbor month.

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Kindness Matters is made possible with the generous support of the Kind Columbus initiative at The Columbus Foundation.

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