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About Us

Otterbein believes in kindness — so much so that the University claims it’s a part of the institution’s DNA.

At Otterbein, kindness is about genuine regard, the care and the conviction to ease someone’s burden, to advance knowledge, to nurture civility, to build community and to advance the common good. Compassion, servant leadership and an outward-focused commitment to others are traits woven into Otterbein’s moral fabric.

That’s why Otterbein is proud to be a lead partner with the Kind Columbus initiative at The Columbus Foundation. Otterbein’s initiative is known as Kindness Matters at Otterbein.

Otterbein’s Kindness Matters efforts join with those of Kind Columbus. Together we are working to find ways to cultivate and inspire kindness — to grow muscle memory to encourage others to make kindness a habit and to join in practicing kindness.

Kindness Matters is made possible with the generous support of the Kind Columbus initiative at The Columbus Foundation.

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